Phoneme Mouth Chart

This is one of those days in which I can’t tell whether I’m working or just having fun. I guess it’s both, and I’m grateful for that. Today I get to animate a phone conversation, and will need to lip-sync to the voiceover. Should be fun.


Brave won four trophies at the Visual Effects Society’s VES Awards this week. The visual effects star of the film? Merida’s complex, flowing, bouncy, mane of red curls. Learn more about the innovations we made to animate Merida’s hair over at The New York Times.

Soon after I finished modeling the mouse and tried to rig it with a skeleton I realized I know nothing about binding skins, painting weights, let alone rigging joint orientation constraints, shoulder/clavicle etc. etc. etc! So… it’s time to get trained!

After looking at most of their free rigging training, I’m convinced that DigitalTutors is the way to go to get up to speed in rigging techniques and be able to carry on with the short.

Motion Graphics Showreel 2009

I’m very intimidated by pro work like this. 


First look at “Mouse”. Geometry is done, now to figure out how to rig efficiently…

Tutorial on how to create a moonlight scene in Maya

This is part 3 of 6 from a tutorial on how to create different lighting techniques to get very different ambient effects. I’m reading the third one, on moonlight, since the short I’m working on happens entirely at night. Low light will be challenging to work with, but it looks like using this technique will allow me to have a bright enough scene, while still looking natural.

Quick addition to my previous post— this is my Master’s Senior Project. It’s not animation-related, but here it goes anyway!

School is Over… FOREVER

…or at least that’s what I think.

My Master’s Senior Project is due tomorrow, and of course it’s being rendered as I type this. If it gets accepted (don’t see why it wouldn’t), I’ll be DONE WITH SCHOOL. That means more time to spend on the short.

Fingers crossed!